Listing ETPs on the European Markets of NYSE Euronext

NYSE Euronext, Europe’s leading ETP exchange, is the leading choice of European ETP providers. Our exchanges in London, Paris, Amsterdam, Brussels and Lisbon have implemented new and exciting customer service for ETP issuers.

We’ve integrated English, French, Dutch and Belgian trading into a single order book to strengthen liquidity. Our new low latency, high capacity Universal Trading Platform (UTP), with internal roundtrip times as low as 250 micro-seconds, has the capability to handle 100,000 orders per second.
And our introduction of new Liquidity Provider quote driven market supports the unique needs of structured products issuers and investors. Our unique platform, superior network, and global visibility make NYSE Euronext unmatched anywhere in the world.

Listing information

Listing Procedures

Detailed information for providers about listing on the Markets of NYSE Euronext.

Liquidity Providers

Read more about liquidity providers (LPs) who act as market makers in the Euronext's order-driven system.

Listing Fees

Learn more about listing fees for Euronext providers.


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